Cleburne Personal Injury Lawyer
We represent injured victims and families in personal injury and wrongful death cases in Cleburne, Texas, and throughout the state and nation. We provide highly personalized and individualized legal services for our clients. We are strong and experienced advocates who have won more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements. Suffering an injury can take a toll on your life, but that doesn't mean you should go without compensation for your loss. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle, oil or gas accident, or other serious accident, come to Cooke Law Firm, P.C. Advocacy for Our Clients When you work with... Read The Rest
Truck Accidents Causing Injuries or Fatalities
When an enormous tractor-trailer or big rig traveling at high speeds "T-bones" a conventional motor vehicle in a semi accident or 18-wheeler accident, drivers and passengers in conventional cars and trucks can suffer serious injuries to the brain and spinal cord, causing coma, paralysis and a lifetime of expensive medical treatment. If this has happened to you or a loved one, the skilled Texas personal injury law firm that will protect your rights is Cooke Law Firm, P.C., in Cleburne. Attorney Christopher C. Cooke is a former judge with more than two decades of trial experience that can safeguard your interests throughout... Read The Rest
Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law
Pedestrian accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accidents, and violent collisions involving tractor-trailers can cause life-changing, serious injuries: brain injuries, damage to the spinal cord, broken bones, paralysis and wrongful death. In Cleburne and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the experienced personal injury attorney who protects the rights of accident victims is Christopher C. Cooke of Cooke Law Firm, P.C. Attorney Christopher C. Cooke has won more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements for personal injury clients in North Central Texas. He is board-certified for his work on behalf of the seriously injured and families whose relatives suffered fatal injuries due to the negligence of others. Dedicated... Read The Rest
Experienced Board-Certified Attorney
There is no more devastating moment in a person's life than when one hears of the tragic, untimely death of a loved one in an accident. If the accident that killed your relative, family member or friend was caused by negligence — on a highway, in a hospital or in the workplace — you and those closest to you have rights that must be protected. Cooke Law Firm, P.C., in Cleburne, protects those rights for every one of our personal injury clients. During his more than two decades of trial experience, attorney Christopher C. Cooke has won more than $100 million... Read The Rest
Johnson County Family Law Attorneys
Do you need sound guidance for a parenting plan, child support calculation or the dividing of marital assets during your North Texas divorce?  Cooke Law Firm, P.C., have provided quality family law representation to individuals, couples and family clients in Cleburne and Johnson County, and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke have built a significant record of positive results with aggressive trial advocacy in high-profile, multimillion-dollar cases. They have represented more than 2,000 divorce, custody, modifications, protective orders and fathers' rights clients during his stellar family law career. Cleburne Family Law Attorneys As your lawyers, The Cookes... Read The Rest
Cleburne Divorce Lawyers
At Cooke Law Firm, P.C., Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia Cooke will listen to you and answer your questions. They will evaluate your specific situation and advise you of your options under Texas law. The firm’s goal is to help its clients make informed decisions – decisions that are both best for the client and the children who are potentially involved in the litigation.  After an initial consultation, if an individual decides to proceed with a Texas divorce action, Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia Cooke can represent that individual throughout the process. Common areas that Cooke Law Firm, P.C. will offer... Read The Rest
Cleburne Child Custody Attorneys
If you have children, they are the most important people in a divorce. Our goal is to minimize the negative effects that children suffer during the divorce process. At Cooke Law Firm, P.C., we assist families in Cleburne, Texas, and the surrounding areas with family law, custody and child support matters. Attorney Christopher C. Cooke began his legal career over two decades ago and prides himself on honest and aggressive representation. He provides individualized attention for all of his clients and works to achieve the best possible results. Patricia L. Cooke is a compassionate and aggressive advocate for her clients and... Read The Rest
Cleburne Divorce And Spousal Support Attorney
If you are unclear as to how appropriate levels of spousal support are determined before your Texas divorce — if you feel you are receiving too little alimony, or paying too much — you could benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced divorce and family law attorney. As your lawyers, Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke of Cooke Law Firm, P.C., in Cleburne offer sound advice and solid support for your spousal support goals before, during and after a divorce. Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke bring more than three decades of combines trial experience, proven skills, broad family law... Read The Rest
Experienced Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyer
Has a sudden, substantial change in circumstances caused you to request a modification of your divorce settlement agreement in North Central Texas? Do you want to contest a former spouse's petition for a post-decree modification? Are you seeking a contempt order — an enforcement that ensures your former spouse will fulfill his or her post-divorce obligations for custody, visitation, child support and spousal support? Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke with Cooke Law Firm, P.C. handle modifications of divorce decrees based on parental relocation, custody changes, lost jobs and remarriage. Cooke Law Firm, P.C., brings more than three decades of combined trial... Read The Rest
Family Law Attorneys Christopher And Patricia Cooke
If domestic abuse, such as stalking and harassment, has plagued your Cleburne or Johnson County family, and issuance of a restraining order or protective order is necessary to prevent future family abuse, experienced Family Law Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke can help you. A protective order is stronger than a restraining order. There are definite consequences for those who violate them, including a possible jail term and prohibition against owning firearms. A high level of proof of domestic violence is required to obtain one — and you may be required to testify in court to your need for one. Texas... Read The Rest
Adoption In Texas
Are you a family member seeking to pursue either a grandparent adoption or a stepparent adoption in Texas? Perhaps you're considering adopting a foster child in Cleburne or Johnson County? If so, you don't have to navigate this complex legal process on your own. Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke, along with Cooke Law Firm, P.C., are here to support you. With over three decades of combined trial experience in Texas family law, they have successfully handled over 2,000 family law cases, including various adoption cases, and are well-equipped to assist you in achieving your adoption goals. Compassionate and Experienced Lawyers Christopher... Read The Rest
Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship
Parental rights encompass a myriad of emotions – pride, joy, happiness – but they also come with a substantial share of responsibilities. For instance, in the aftermath of a SAPCR, a parent is expected to fulfill their obligations, which include making child support payments and maintaining health insurance coverage for the child. These legal matters encompass what are known as Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) cases. They are particularly significant in situations involving unmarried parents, as they serve to establish the legal rights and responsibilities of both parents in relation to their child. It's important to note that in SAPCR cases,... Read The Rest
Court-Ordered Modifications
Child custody and visitation arrangements are not set in stone; they can be modified when there is a significant change in the circumstances of either parent or the child(ren). However, it's crucial to understand that the decision to make any changes to the existing custody and visitation order ultimately rests with the court. Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke, of Cooke Law Firm, P.C., are here to guide you through this potentially complex and confusing process. Significant changes in circumstances that may warrant modifications include, but are not limited to: Parental Misconduct:If one parent engages in bad or illegal behavior, such... Read The Rest
Enforcement of a Court Order
When it comes to enforcing court orders, whether they pertain to a divorce decree or a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) order, including child support, child custody, or visitation arrangements, there are specific legal procedures that must be followed. Understanding these processes is crucial, and the attorneys at Cooke Law Firm, P.C. are well-versed and immensely experienced in family law, ready to assist you in navigating the intricacies of enforcement actions. In an enforcement action, the person who initiates the legal process is referred to as the "Movant." This individual is seeking to enforce a court's order that they believe has... Read The Rest
Cleburne Criminal Defense Attorneys
The prospect of criminal charges can be an overwhelming and distressing experience, especially when the possibility of jail time hangs in the balance. However, you do not have to confront these charges alone; a resilient defense can make all the difference. At Cooke Law Firm, P.C., situated in Cleburne, Texas, we stand as a steadfast legal ally for individuals facing criminal charges throughout North Texas. When your freedom and liberty are at stake, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing the strongest defense possible. Christopher C. Cooke, one of our seasoned attorneys, brings a unique perspective to the realm of criminal... Read The Rest

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