Adoption In Texas

Are you a family member pursuing a grandparent adoption or stepparent adoption?

Are you considering adopting a foster child in Cleburne or Johnson County?

Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke and Cooke Law Firm, P.C., are on your side. Our compassionate lawyers have more than three decades of combined trial experience in the practice of Texas family law. They have handled over 2,000 family law cases of all kinds, including domestic and birth adoptions. They can help you, too.

Growing Your Texas Family Through Adoption? Cooke Law Firm, P.C., Can Help
For a grandparent or stepparent adoption, termination of parental rights is necessary if you believe that one or both parents of a child have abdicated their responsibilities.

Christopher and Patricia Cooke attend personally to every detail of every document on your behalf. Adoption can be a complex, time-consuming process. Our Cleburne law firm's attorneys share your goals and fights for them every step of the way.

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Christopher and Patricia Cooke, Lawyers With More Than Three Decades Of Combined Experience