Restraining and Protective Orders

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If domestic abuse, such as stalking and harassment, has plagued your Cleburne or Johnson County family, and issuance of a restraining order or protective order is necessary to prevent future family abuse, experienced Family Law Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke can help you.

A protective order is stronger than a restraining order. There are definite consequences for those who violate them, including a possible jail term and prohibition against owning firearms. A high level of proof of domestic violence is required to obtain one — and you may be required to testify in court to your need for one.

At Cooke Law Firm, P.C., we listen to your account of whether domestic violence has occurred, and the chances of it occurring again. We can discuss every available option with you, including supervised custody and various protections that ensure your safety.

Attorneys Christopher C. and Patricia L. Cooke have more than three decades combined trial experience in the practice of family law. During that time, they have handled at least 2,000 cases of all kinds. 

Cooke Law Firm, P.C. knows how to investigate, negotiate and litigate in your best interests. Regardless of your legal need after an episode of domestic violence in your home, you can speak with a skilled family lawyer who truly cares about your safety and future. Contact Christopher C. Cooke or Patricia L. Cooke and Cooke Law Firm, P.C., if you feel that you and your child or children are in danger because of someone else's stalking, harassment, intimidation, terroristic threats or trespassing. 

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