Cleburne Personal Injury Lawyer

We represent injured victims and families in personal injury and wrongful death cases in Cleburne, Texas, and throughout the state and nation. Our board certified personal injury attorney, Christopher Cooke, has 16 years of legal experience and provides highly personalized and individualized services for his clients. Mr. Cooke is a... Read More

Truck Accidents Causing Injuries or Fatalities

When an enormous tractor-trailer or big rig traveling at high speeds "T-bones" a conventional motor vehicle in a semi accident or 18-wheeler accident, drivers and passengers in conventional cars and trucks can suffer serious injuries to the brain and spinal cord, causing coma, paralysis and a lifetime of expensive medical... Read More

Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law

Pedestrian accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accidents, and violent collisions involving tractor-trailers can cause life-changing, serious injuries: brain injuries, damage to the spinal cord, broken bones, paralysis and wrongful death. In Cleburne and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the experienced personal injury attorney who protects the rights of accident victims is Christopher... Read More

Experienced Board-Certified Attorney

There is no more devastating moment in a person's life than when one hears of the tragic, untimely death of a loved one in an accident. If the accident that killed your relative, family member or friend was caused by negligence — on a highway, in a hospital or in... Read More

Johnson County Family Law Attorney

Do you need sound guidance for a parenting plan, child support calculation or the dividing of marital assets during your North Texas divorce? Attorney Christopher C. Cooke and Cooke Law Firm, P.C., have provided quality family law representation to individuals, couples and family clients in Cleburne and Johnson County, and... Read More

Cleburne Divorce Lawyer

Experienced Service From a Texas Property Division Lawyer The divorce process sparks many different emotions. You may feel angry, worried, upset or even relieved. No matter what emotion you may be feeling, at Cooke Law Firm, P.C., we will personally cater to your needs. Cooke Law Firm, P.C., is located... Read More

Skilled Cleburne Divorce Lawyer

The negotiated or litigated outcome of your high net worth divorce can impact the future of your closely held family business — and ownership of significant assets such as stock options, deferred income, retirement benefits and investment portfolios. With so much at stake, the divorce attorney protecting your interests should... Read More

Cleburne Child Custody Attorney

Honest and Straightforward Answers from a Cleburne, Texas, LawyerIf you have children, they are the most important people in a divorce. Our goal is to minimize the negative effects that children suffer during the divorce process. At Cooke Law Firm, P.C., we assist families in Cleburne, Texas, and the surrounding... Read More

Cleburne Divorce And Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal Support In TexasIf you are unclear as to how appropriate levels of spousal support are determined before your Texas divorce — if you feel you are receiving too little alimony, or paying too much — you could benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced divorce and family law... Read More

Experienced Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyer

Has a sudden, substantial change in circumstances caused you to request a modification of your divorce settlement agreement in North Central Texas? Do you want to contest a former spouse's petition for a post-decree modification? Are you seeking a contempt order — an enforcement that ensures your former spouse will... Read More

Family Law Attorney Christopher C. Cooke

If domestic abuse, such as stalking and harassment, has plagued your Cleburne or Johnson County family, and issuance of a restraining order or protective order is necessary to prevent future family abuse, experienced Family Law Attorney Christopher C. Cooke can help you. A protective order is stronger than a restraining... Read More

Adoption In Texas

Are you a family member pursuing a grandparent adoption or stepparent adoption? Are you considering adopting a foster child in Cleburne or Johnson County? Attorney Christopher C. Cooke and Cooke Law Firm, P.C., are on your side. Our compassionate lawyer has more than two decades of trial experience in the... Read More

Cleburne Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, the thought of facing jail time can seem overwhelming - but you don't have to face charges without a strong defense. Whether you are worried, scared or upset, a lawyer at Cooke Law Firm, P.C., will work hard to provide a strong defense. Cooke... Read More