Spousal Support In Texas

If you are unclear as to how appropriate levels of spousal support are determined before your Texas divorce — if you feel you are receiving too little alimony, or paying too much — you could benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced divorce and family law attorney.

As your lawyer, Christopher C. Cooke of Cooke Law Firm, P.C., in Cleburne offers sound advice and solid support for your spousal support goals before, during and after a divorce.

Christopher C. Cooke brings more than 18 years of trial experience, proven skills, broad family law knowledge and a reputation for results to your objectives. He has handled roughly 2,000 family law cases and turned his clients' lives in a positive direction.

Experienced Cleburne Divorce And Spousal Support Attorney Protects Your Rights

Texas courts consider many factors in determining appropriate levels of spousal support, which include:

  • Income ability relative to disability
  • Length of the marriage
  • Ability to provide for minimum reasonable needs
  • Resources of both spouses
  • Employment history and earning ability
  • Contribution of spouse as homemaker
  • Marital misconduct such as adultery, cruel treatment and family violence

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